Slovakia - Proposal for Development of E-Invoicing System for B2B

April 19, 2024
Slovakia - Proposal for Development of E-Invoicing System for B2B

Last April, the Slovakian Ministry of Finance published the draft of the National Reform Program 2024 (NPR), which refers to numerous reforms that could be introduced in the country. The MF expressed willingness to initiate the development of the national B2B e-invoicing system as a powerful tool to decrease the national VAT gap and simplify the reporting obligations of mandated taxpayers.  

There has yet to be an official date for adopting a national e-invoicing system. 

Current Developments and Future Plans

In 2022, Slovakia implemented a nationwide e-invoicing platform for mandatory B2G e-invoicing while the B2B and B2C transactions were postponed. However, Slovakia is progressing in integrating advanced e-invoicing solutions as part of its broader strategy to modernize tax administration. 

The project of developing and implementing a nationwide B2B e-invoicing system and digital reporting represents a work in progress. At the moment, nothing tangible is happening in relation to introducing the system at the big doors within the country. 

According to the EC proposal(part of the ViDA package) and Slovakia NPR, e-invoicing is expected to be mandatory in the EU by 2030. This alignment with the ViDA initiative ensures that the proposed e-invoicing system will meet the highest EU standards, reassuring all stakeholders.


At present, the eFaktúra system is being further developed. While there is no specific timeline for its completion, the broader impact of eFaktúra is expected to include significant improvements in business compliance with VAT obligations, enhanced state revenue collection, and reduced opportunities for tax evasion. 

Source: National Reform Program (NPR); Sovos

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