Sweden - NFTs and Related VAT Treatment

April 26, 2024
Sweden - NFTs and Related VAT Treatment

Recently, the Swedish Tax Authority made a significant decision regarding the VAT treatment of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) linked to digital works. This decision is relevant based on factually supported clarifications of NFTs, their usage, validity, and treatability. 

The Swedish Tax Authority clarified some key issues relating to NFT with digital work connected to the NFT.  The questions raised by the Tax AUthority were:

  1. What is an NFT?

  2. What parts are included in providing an NFT with a digital work linked to the NFT?

  3. Is it a single or several different transactions?

  4. When can an NFT with a digital work linked to the NFT be taxed in Sweden?

  5. What tax rate applies to an NFT with a digital work linked to the NFT?

Summary of the Decision

Providing an NFT linked to a digital work typically involves two integral components. Firstly, it entails ownership of the digital work associated with the NFT. Secondly, it encompasses the NFT itself, serving as the blockchain-based representation of the digital asset.

According to the Swedish Tax Agency's perspective, the transfer of the NFT and the digital work is perceived as a single transaction.

Given the difficulty of separating these components from one another and their interconnected characteristics, they are seen as a single transaction. The Tax Authority defines these types of supply(where the NFT with accompanying digital work is sold to the customer) as the new type of electronic service.

Consequently, providing an NFT with its linked digital work is considered a domestic supply if the purchaser is established or resides within the country—moreover, the Tax Agency advocates for applying the standard tax rate of 25 percent to such transactions.


The Swedish Tax Agency has classified these transactions as subject to the standard VAT rate of 25 percent, so businesses must carefully integrate tax considerations into their pricing strategies and compliance processes. 

Source: Swedish Tax Authority decision no. 8-2837945

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